Nine months ago, I wrote the following

… for all the myriad intellectually dishonest ways in which we improperly define the center in American politics, it’s nevertheless tempting to imagine a rule of thumb that for every time Bill Kristol praises someone like Seth Moulton (D-MA 6th), Jacobin should go off and praise someone like Scott Taylor (R-VA 2nd.)

Two days ago on This Week, Moulton and Taylor spoke with Martha Radditz. Taylor seems to indicate that he could lean in the direction of something related to mental health (and doesn’t seem as amused by Moulton’s landmine analogy as he otherwise could have been) and notes that ‘a majority of gun deaths’ are suicides.

“If they want to do harm, they can do that,” Taylor says, which — while philosophically true — doesn’t seem to indicate that Taylor would be interested in anything other than making a gesture in the direction of reform, especially when he brings up last year’s truck attack in France on Bastille Day.

“I’m not willing to impede someone’s rights just because of emotional rhetoric,” he continued.

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When asked about background checks — with Seth Moulton noting that “9 in 10 Virginians want background checks,” Taylor replied that that “wasn’t true.”

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The point-scoring of this aside, Taylor and Moulton are two people with a degree of ‘skin in the game,’ and — as they inch their way forward toward making the country safer —I have to say: it would be nice to see them ‘get there.’

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