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We’ve taken pains to avoid directly responding to tweets. What we said during “America The Buñuel” —

… is your statement regarding power a statement regarding the dynamics of power? Or is it a statement of principles that reads like you’re talking back to the Cliff Notes Television Show of what everyone else is following along?

— still holds true.

But there are enough lies packed into this tweet that it warrants a slightly longer asterisk of explanation:

  1. When have border patrol agents been prevented from doing their jobs? If what’s appeared in news outlets across the country since he took office is any indication — the more egregious examples of which I’ve flagged here — then it would appear that being able to do or not do their jobs hasn’t really been a point of consideration at all. Again: if these news stories are an accurate depiction of certain trends — and I see no reason to doubt that at the moment — then border patrol agents have all been doing what they’ve wanted to do. (Consider this report from WBUR, which says that — because an agent didn’t like the responses an applicant gave — decided to lie on certain forms and say that the individual seeking asylum didn’t show up, which made them automatically eligible for deportation; and — as I understand Padilla v. Kentucky— deportation is not a ‘fit’ form of punishment.)
  2. DACA has strict eligibility requirements and the person should have been here in 2007. If the flows are seeking asylum, they are legally able to do so and their claims must be tested under our asylum laws.”
  3. ‘Catch And Release’ ended in 2006.
  4. What caravans? “In fiscal 2016, 192,969 Mexicans were apprehended, a sharp drop from a peak of 1.6 million apprehensions in 2000. The decline in apprehensions reflects the decrease in the number of unauthorized Mexican immigrants coming to the U.S.” (Perhaps he means this one. (Related.))
  5. Don’t forget that part of the question regarding the border we should be asking ourselves is — ‘How should we dream of tomorrow?
  6. ‘A day trader but for attention’ indeed.

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