The air conditioning clicks on. The man in question is a venture capitalist who thinks they’re living their life the way it’s supposed to be lived because they read somewhere that Da Vinci practiced “mindfulness” for at least thirty minutes each day, even though — speaking personally — I’m incredibly skeptical that the term existed in a similar way back then and even more skeptical that the time allotment this probable golfing magazine described is anywhere near accurate, as Da Vinci — and maybe I’m just being skeptical; maybe I’m going out on a limb here — seemed to be practicing “mindfulness” for most of his waking day and adult life (unless there’s a rare slapstick period of Da Vinci’s life we don’t know about, one where he’s forever bumping into door frames, forgetting to take things with him as he leaves the room, and the like.) The air conditioning clicks off. (And, sometime later that night, the air conditioning practices snapping its fingers.)

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