1. Take your opening sentence and run it through Google Translate. Keep running it from language to language until it doesn’t quite resemble your opening sentence. Give that line to another character.
  2. What do you think was left out of the last song you listened to?
  3. What if American Buffalo nearly hunted man to extinction?
  4. Draw every location your story is set to take place in before you write it — even if you feel like you’re not so great at drawing.
  5. You are walking down a city street at night and decide to take a shortcut through a nearby alley. You stop short when you realize that there’s something blocking your path — an exceptionally large turtle.

What happens next?

6. Why did O. Henry keep ending his stories with twist endings — to the point where he earned a reputation for it?

7. What happened where your characters were standing 100 years ago? What will happen 100 years hence?

8. What’s outside your window? (If you could place a window on a wall that doesn’t have a window, what would you see?)

9. You are hired to design the board game that will be used in the sequel to Jumanji.

What do you design?

10. Noah wants you to build tap dancing shoes for one creature.

Which one do you pick? Why?

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